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Examination and Evaluation

IQACExamination and Evaluation

Examination and Evaluation

Examination and evaluation are important part of learning process. Objective of examination is to have self assessment of learning and to award for performance. Both these objectives are meant to motivate the learner to make efforts to understand, emulate and to put in practice the knowledge acquired. Therefore, it is a continuous process. The regular evaluation which is called as “formative assessment” is a continuing process which includes the weekly, monthly, mid-semester and end-semester assessment.

The multiple methods of examination are used to assess and evaluate all aspects of learning periodically and continuously at the end of semester or the year as the case may be. At SGT University,we follow summative assessment and evaluation in an exhaustive manner covering all aspects of the curriculum and syllabus giving due emphasis on practical and theoretical knowledge, so that the learner is ready to enter the community to provide his best.

During the entire length of course, the learner is also evaluated and assessed on projects, internships, and various training programs attended/executed by the learner.

For Formative assessment, following are considered:

  1. Daily-filling of the Log book
  2. Weekly assessment- one methodology every week on rotation to cover all the methods of assessment followed at University to give a comprehensive coverage.
  3. Monthly assessment- extended weekly assessment
  4. Mid-Semester Assessment- more than one methodology applied during the examination process.
  5. Semester assessment- on lines of summative examination.

For Summative assessment:

  1. Focus is on 50% theory and 50% practical component
  2. Ratio of Formative assessment vs Summative assessment is 40%:60%
  3. The question paper is covered into 2 parts-Part A comprising Descriptive type of questions and Part B comprising of Objective type of questions of multiple variety.