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Training on Administrative Procedures

IQACActivitiesTraining on Administrative Procedures

IQAC undertook training of non-teaching staff with respect to administrative work, to acquaint them with importance of proper filing and procedures and relevant terminologies with respect to filing and documentation.

Outcome of Training

1) Importance of CSMOP(Central Secretariat Manual of Office procedures)
– Definition of CSMOP
– Introduction of CSMOP and its importance with respect to Government and other establishments/statutory bodies

2) Definitions and Abbreviations as defined in CSMOP
– Definitions widely used in filing process
– Abreviations of important terms and their meaning

3) Structure of various offices with Government of India
– Structure of the Government of India from president to Secretary Level
– Roles of various departments and various officers/posts within Government with respect to administration.

The training was held on 15th April 2019 in 318, Third Floor, A block at 2:00pm by Dr T.D Dogra, Advisor IQAC. It was attended by 14 participants.