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Patents Applied

IQACIPR CellPatents Applied

Patents Applied during last 5 years

Sr. No. Name of the Patenter Patent Number Title of the Patent Year of Application of Patent
1. Dr. Shreya, Dr. Anil Gupta TEMP/E-1/3409/2019-DEL Novel Herbal Obturating Material and Process Thereof 2019
2. Dr. Ajit, Dr. Amit Bhardwaj, Dr. Priyanka Chopra TEMP/E-1/5563/2019-DEL Apparatus and Method for Disinfecting Dental Water Using Ozone 2019
3. Dr. M.K. Nair APP NO. 317218-001, CBR NO. 7963 Mushroom Inspirational Garment 2019
4. Dr. Leena Bhardwaj TEMP/E-1/28246/2019-DEL System & method for estimation of shooting distance of a weapon through its gunshot residue(GSR) 2019