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Value added Course

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UNESCO Bioethics unit under IQAC introduced the value added course on “Professional Ethics and Human values”. This course is divided into General ethics and Discipline specific ethics.

Approval by Academic Council

The General Ethics topics are common for all faculties and are taken through online module and discipline specific topics were taken by individual faculties.
The general ethics topics include:

Sr.No Topic Faculty Video Links
Module I: Applied Ethics
1. Introduction to Ethics and Bioethics Dr Nupur Dabas Faculty of Dental Sciences https://youtu.be/cFOZplkRqsk
2. Theories related to Bioethics:

  • Utilitarian theory-Consequence based theory
  • Deontological theory-Duty based theory
Dr Astha Chaudhry, Faculty of Dental Sciences https://youtu.be/HJk1Eodmf9A
  • Universal declaration on bioethics
  • Neuremberg code
  • Principles of benefit and harm as applied to bioethics
Dr Debashish Chattopadhya, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences https://youtu.be/IWZwFN825EE
Module II: Human rights and values
  • Autonomy
  • Consent process (Written/Oral/Informed consent)
  • Right to withdraw
Dr Mona Prabhakar, Faculty of Dental Sciences https://youtu.be/HffXs9RHfSE
  • Equality (as related to hysical/mental/gender/cast/religion)
  • Vulnerability and Personal Integrity
  • Confidentiality
Dr Vijay Bhalla, College of Pharmacy https://youtu.be/SWggd0wbqAk
Module III: Environmental ethics
1. Marshall’s categories:

  • Ecologic extension
  • Conservation ethics
  • Libertarian ethics
Dr Archana Choudhary, Environmental sciences https://youtu.be/Fqt7m8LH5GY
  • Humanist theory
  • Anthropocentrism
Dr Priya, Physiotherapy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59jdCKaFwIQ
  • Disaster ethics
  • Animal ethics
Dr Astha Arya, Faculty of Dental Sciences https://youtu.be/9JJykyE2MHw
Module IV: Research Ethics
  • IRB &its functions
  • Authorship
Dr Amit Bhardwaj, FDS
  • Ethical issues in clinical research
  • Drug trials
Dr Vijay Sharma, SGT College of Pharmacy