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Cultural and Extracurricular Committee

IQACCultural and Extracurricular Committee

Cultural and Extracurricular Committee

Designation Name Photograph
Co-ordinator Dr. Bharti Raina,FDS img
Asstt. Co-ordinator 01. Dr. Bharti Arora, FP img
Members 01. Ms. Monika, FET img
02. Mr. Biswamber Bose, FMC&MT img
03. Mr. Kaushal Sharma, FET img
04. Ms. Sabiha, FMC&MT img
05. Mr. Sushil, FMC&MT img
06. Dr. Shikha Dogra, FDS img
07. Dr. Vidushi Sheokand, FDS img
08. Ms. Sonia, FON img
09. Ms. Usha, FON img
10. Ms. Sonia, SGTCOP img
11. Mr. Simranjeet Singh, FAHS img
12. Ms. Anjana Das, Marketing img

Cultural and Extracurricular