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Dr S.C. Mohapatra | Community Medicine Department

IQACDr S.C. Mohapatra | Community Medicine Department
Name Dr. SadhuCharan Mohapatra
Punch Line
Designation Dean Academic Affairs & Professor Community Medicine, SGT University,Gurgaon
Email deanacademicaffairs@sgt University.org
Mobile Number 9599811970, 7021314002
Educational Qualification: Program Year of Passing Board /University
Bachelors MBBS 1972 Barham pur University,Orissa
Masters (Specialization) MD (Community Medicine) 1979 Banaras Hindu University (BHU)
Doctorate (Specialization) MPHC (Health Management) 1988 Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, England
Any Other Diploma in Yoga 1995 BHU
Work Experience:(in Years)
Total 44
Academics All Academic
Any Other
Recognition and awards 1. SIDHU ORATION Award for best Scientific paper presentation by IAPSM., 1987
2. Visiting Faculty LIVERPOOL SCHOOL OF TROPICAL MEDICINE, University of Liverpool as Faculty Member, 1988.
3. SM MARWAH Best Paper Award for Association of Community Medicine (1989).
4. Awarded M.K. SHESHADRI Prize & Gold Medal for practice of Medal for Community Medicine by (ICMR, 1992).
5. Honoured with FIAPSM for Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine in the year 1994 .
6. Bharat Jyoti Award , nominated, 2005
7. Best Citizens of India Award-2006
8. Distinguished Professor,BHU-2015
Membership of Associations: FIAPSM
Awards & recognitions: 1. Consultant, International Society of Doctors for Environment (ISDE), since 1992.
2. Member International Commission for Bhopal Gas Disater 1992-94
3. City Coordinator , NACO , since 1994
4. Consultant UNICEF/GOI in CSSM ,RCH&MCHN, since 1992
5. Consultant IPP-6&7
6. Consultant & Course organizer , EPIDMAN ,1990-1994
7. Course counselor PGDMCH, IGNOU since inception.1994 till date
8. Consultant Health Management NIHFW, new Delhi &SIHFW, Lucknow since 1994
9. Consultant State Institute of Health Management & Communication, Gwalior, 1994
10. Consultant European Commission, Government of India for Professional Management Course for the District Level SMOs (NIHFW).1995-200
11. Nodal Officer, (UNICEF)District Nutrition Resource Centre, Varanasi.1997-200
12. District Coordinator Vitamin A Plus Project (UNICEF), Kushinagaar 1998
13. Extra mural Resource Faculty IPHA-RCH workshop , Varanasi Branch 1999
14. Member Consultative Committee Integrated Disease Surveillance Program, NICD, 2005-2006
15. Member, National Certification Committee for Polio Eradication (NCCPE) Team of investigators, 2013
16. Counselor PGDMCH & PGDGM courses ,IGNOU
1. Governing body member , VSS Orissa, since 1995 & King Georges Medical Colleges,
2. Council for Health Care & Diagnosis , Bhopal since 1996.
3. Convener for Diploma in Hospital & Health Management, IAHA, 1995
4. IGNOU : Courses in School of health Sciences;
5. Rehabilitation Council of India for PGD course in orthopedics
6. Medical Council of India for Postgraduate course in Community Medicine
7. Founder : Centre for Population Education , Research & Extension (CPERE), BHU
Editor of any Scientific Journal/ member of editorial board International
1. Member Board of Editor, The Cancer Journal, France, 1996
2. International Directory of Investigators, Pfizer, USA.
3. Editorial Board / Reviewer International Journal of Public Health, Nairobi
4. Reviewer International Journal of Epidemiology & Health, Nairobi
5. Editorial Board Member IASET Global Research Forum
6. Reviewer International Journal of General Medicine & pharmacy
7. International Journal of Global Research in Education and Social Science
8. Reviewer British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research
1. Chief & Managing Editor,& Co-Patron: Indian Journal of Preventive & Social Medicine.
2. Member Editorial Board, Indian Journal of Community Medicine till 2010
3. Member Editorial Advisory Board, Ind. Journal of Maternal & Child Health.
4. Member Region Health & Health Care.
5. Chief Editor Advance Research in Medical Sciences & Technology, ADR Publications,
6. Chief Editor The Journal of Community Health Management, Innovative Publications,
7. Editorial Board member, Reviews &Research Journal of Medical Science and Technology,
8. Chief Editor Journal of Health Care and Medical Informatics, New Delhi
9. Editor in Chief Advance Journal of Medical Sciences & Technology
10. Executive Editor Indian Jr of Communicable Diseases: Red flower Publication
Fund received/ Grant received: National à22
1. Pattern of tobacco addiction in oral cancer,Oral Onchology, Vol II,pp367-369,Mc Millon & Co, IndiaLtd,New Delhi 1991 ( GhoshS, Shukla HS and Mohapatra S.C. etal)
2. State of lung health in India- Chapter-1: Pulmonary Tuberculosis : A Clinico-Epidemiological Review; Usha Publication-1993.
3. Medicine Update-Chapter-X: Prevention of AIDS in Indian Context; Cipla Publication-1994.
4. Health worker/Supervisors’ Technical and Skill Development (Hindi)-Chapter-II Program Management- Govt. of UP,M/O H&FW-1996
5. Staff Development in higher & distance education :Chapter- 12 : Academic staff trainingin medical sciences- Aravali Books International Publn.-1997.
6. Health Management & Administration Chapter contributed for the Text Book of Preventive & Social Medicine by MC Gupta & BK Mahajan; 3rdEdn. 1997.
7. IGNOU Course Module- Concept & Principle of Management, PGDMCH: Unit-I :Repro Offset Press, New Delhi-1998.
8. Facts of Health Care: Chapter-2: Participatory Learning for action-A technique in Community Obstetrics – Sadhana Press, Varanasi-1998.
9. Environment and Health in Developing Countries: Chapter IV- Articles:13&30 Health Infra-structure & Compensation in Bhopal Diaster– APH Publication, New Delhi-1998
10. Editor, Field Training Manual of Dept. of PSM, IMS, and BHU.
11. Skill-training Manual Bari-Maa(Hindi), Publ. DUDA, Govt of UP, Varanasi, 2000
12. Health care for Slum development (Hindi),Publ. DUDA,Govt.ofUP,Varanasi, 2000
13. Motivation for changeà3 Volumes; Published by UNICEF & Govt. of UP, Pratibha Press, Lucknow
14. Team Building, Chapter-5, pp123-143 , Management Module of European Commission issued by NIHFW, New Delhi
15. Human Resource Management, Chapter-5,pp74-120, Back-Ground Document on
Health Management, Professional Development Course in Management, Public Health
and Health Sector Reforms for District Medical officers, Publ: NIHFW, N. Delhi,2002.
16. Health system research management: Issues of Skin infections, Chapter 22; Geography
and Health: A study of Medical Geography, APH Publishing Corporation, New Delhi-110002.
17. Post Graduate Diploma in Maternal Child Health, Planning and Management in 4 volumes. Repro Offset Press, New Delhi-2002.
18. Modules For Bridh ParivarMitras, Training Modules for geriatric care (Two),2008
19. Epidemiology of respiratory infections and allergies :The Indian Context: Chapter1.
Updates on Respiratory Diseases and Allergy; ISBN:81-85403-110-6 Editor-JKMishra, Publisher Tara Book Agency, Varanasi
20. Public Health and Development in India; ISBN:81-7211-353-6, Publisher: Northern Book Centre, New Delhi, Chapter-13; Meghkante Mohapatra &SC Mohapatra,pp236-248,2015
21. Epidemiology of Diabetes, Chapter 2, Fundamental of Diabetes, (Mohapatra SC)Publisher JP Brothers,2016, ISBN: 978-93-5250151-9, 2016
22. Epidemiology of Diabetes, Chapter 2, Fundamental of Diabetes, (Mohapatra SC)Publisher JP Brothers,2016, ISBN: 978-93-5250151-9, 2016
Author of: A Treatise on Health Management: a -textbook of Health management; Publisher,JP Brothers,New Delhi, 2016- ISBN:978-93-5250-004-8,2016
(A) Principal Investigator16
A> Principal Investigator-161. Principal Investigator & Nodal Officer , MCHN (UNICEF ) Project-1999
2. Urban MCHN (UNICEF) Project—2001
3. Taskforce Principal Investigator MulticentreICMR (code- 05-RHN-1996-1998) study.
4. UNICEF, City Slum PPI- Lameness Study-1998
5. AIDS High Risk Project, NACO, Govt. of India Project –1997
6. UNICEF,CES-Lameness-NNT/NND- Multi District-Study 1994
7. Principal Investigator, Fascizine Drug Trial, Pfizer,Project-1990-1991.
8. Health awareness project-IINCLEN Project2003
9. Injection Safety Practices Study-IPEN-INCLEN Project2005
10. Zinc-ORS:DiarrhoeaManagement-CommunityInterventionProject(USAid-WHO)2006-2007
11. Integrated Disease Surveillance Project, World Bank-NICD Project-2006-2014
12 Natural Experimentation IMNCI Project-India CLEN-2006-2007
13. Goitre surveillance project-Balia&Jaunpur, Govt. UP , 2006.
14IDSP Project-(World Bank) on Evaluation of IDSP Mizoram -2006
15 ICDS Zonal Evaluation Projects 2008-2013
16.Effect of Respicare dry syrup in Prevention of Respiratory infection in under-fives;
Funded by BACFO Industry
(B) Co-Principal Investigator 16
1. Co-investigator, Combantrin Drug Trial, Pfizer (India) Project-1988-1989
2. Co-Investigator Nutrition Pediatric Surgery Project-ICMR (code-ICMR-3/1/2/1/9401460)-i995-1996
3. DANIDA-MCH/FP- Madhya Pradesh Pre-evaluation Project- 1994
4. UNICEF-Lameness survey-1993.
5. WHO Geriatric Care Project-2006
6. Capacity Building of Health care Providers and Convergence with Community Based Geriatric Care workers of ChiraigaonBlock, Varanasi-,( Sponsored WHO-GOI)-2007
7. Assessment of nutritional risk factors associated Gallbladder Cancer, ICMR Project,-2007-2008
8. Estrogen &Progesteron Receptor ( ER-PR) status in Cancer Breast, ICMR Project, 2006-2009
9. Intervention study on Community Based Tobacco Sessation among women in Varanasi district- sponsored by WHO-GOI-2009
10. Intervention for Anaemia Reduction ProgrammeinSavapuri&Cholapur Block,Varanasi-Sponsored by A2Z-2008
11. Universal Educational Anti-Tobacco Campus Drive Programme-sponsored by WHO-GOI-2010
12. Routine Immunization Acceleration Project (Unicef),UP-2011
13. Community based Tobacco de addiction Project,( WHO-GOI)-2011
14. Tobacco Free Institutes Project (WHO-GOI)-2011
15. Geriatric Morbidity profile of Varanasi- (GOI-WHO Sponsored)-2012
16. State Investigator, (CS-28 USAID),Saving Newborn Lives in Uttar Pradesh through Improved Management of Birth Asphyxia: Situational Analysis for Preparing Intervention Package-Gonda District,UP-Aug-2014
Any Other NA
Research guidance:
Master’s A. NATIONAL No of Students
M.D. Community Medicine, BHU- 18
M.D. (Ayurveda),BHU
Ph.D.- BHU 18
M.Sc. Environmental Science -26
M.Sc. (Health Statistics)- 02
1. M.Com. H. (Liverpool, UK)
Candidates:JABowers &:Ann Hoskins -02
2. Community Health ,Illinois,USA
Candidate: Diana Frederor -01
3.Community Health ,Boston,USA
Candidate: Taylor Charest -01
Ph D
No. of papers published: (Publications: Click here)
National: 164
International: 1
Book Chapter (s): International :2 Chapters in A Russian Book Problem Katastrof : waglomeracjach Miejskichna National :22 Przykladzie Bhopalau’:Editor Zerzy Jaskosky –Russian Book-1994
Book Authored: Author of : A Treatise on Health Management:-AText book of Health management; Publisher,JP Brothers,New Delhi, 2016- ISBN:978-93-5250-004-8,2016
Any Other
No.: Attended
Seminars: Numerous
CME/CPE/FDP: Numerous
Guest Lectures Delivered: More than 50
Resource Person /Chairperson in a session: More than 50
Event(s) organized by department:
Any Other Organised 10 major workshops;
• State CSSM Workshop-1992
• State RCH Workshop for Medical Faculties-1998
• MCHN Workshop for District Authorities- 1999
• PLA Workshop (3)-1999-2002
• Disability Management Training Workshop-2001
• RCH Workshop-2001
• Urban MCHN Plan of Action Workshop-2001
• BSPM workshop-2002
• National Peer Workshop (3) 2008-2012
• Tobacco Free Institutes (3)-2011
(a) Special Training’s :
• Trained in Epidemiology Development from NICD, New Delhi, 1987
• Trained in Health Management Development Popcen, Lucknow, 1989.
• UIP and CES Training Programme, Lucknow, 1990.
• ARI Training Programme, Varanasi, 1991.
• Trained in Health Services Research (HSR) from NIHFW, New Delhi, 1992.
• FRSH Health Policy and Management, Bangalore, 1992.
• Teaching Technology from NTTC, BHU and Consortium Illuiniois (USA) / AIIMS, 1992.
• Trained in EPDIDMAN, at AIIMS, 1992.
• Trained as State Trainer CSSM and RCH Programme UNICEF/ GOI, 1992 & 1994.
• Computer Courses in Package, BHU, 1993.
• PLA technique in RCH, 1996.
Any Other Information
Life Membership
[1] Community Health Support System (CHESS), UK.
[2] International Society of Doctors for Environment, (ISDE), Switzerland.
[3] International Directory of CHILD- to- child (LONDON).
[4] International Institute for Cancer of Public Health.
[1] Indian Journal of Community Medicine & Association of PSM
[2] Indian Journal of Maternal & Child Health.
[3] Indian Journal of Preventive & Social Medicine.
[4] Indian Journal of Host. Admin. &Asso. of Health Management Forum.
[5] Journal of Regional Health & Health Care.