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IQAC Initiatives

IQACIQAC Initiatives

The major initiatives taken by IQAC are as follows:

  1. Modification of Syllabus and curriculum and categorization into must know, desirable to know and need to know areas- one round has been covered and second round going on for 2018.
  2. Introduction of student centric teaching methods(List enclosed).
  3. Compilation of Lesson plan incorporating the newer teaching methods.
  4. Preparation of annual academic calendar for easy intimation to students, parents and faculty members.
  5. Creation of IQAC Website and uploading of the data
  6. Compilation of Annual report for each faculty.
  7. Compilation of Total Faculty Publications
  8. Compilation of whole University Faculty members profiles
  9. Compilation of completed, ongoing and submitted Research projects of University
  10. Introduction and implementation of Choice based credit system(CBCS)
  11. Formulation of Newer guidelines for question paper and introducing Objective questions
  12. Introduction of Examination reforms- 50% theory 50% Practical, formative 40% : summative 60%
  13. Introduction of Continuous Internal assessment with Saturday as weekly assessment day
  14. Introduction and implementation of daily Log book for students
  15. Research promotion and encouraging submission of research projects for extramural grants- About 23 extramural projects have been submitted.
  16. UNESCO-Bioethics unit establishment and its activities. 1 Symposium and 2 guest lectures. The Symposium on Bioethics was conducted by Dr Russell D’Souza, Head, Asia Pacific Division, UNESCO Chair in Bioethics, Haifa, Israel, Dr Geethalakshmi, Chair Faculty Development AIHSU-UNESCO Chair in Bioethics National Program and Honorable Vice-Chancellor, The Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University(TNMGRMU), Dr. Mary Mathew, Head of Indian Programme,UNESCO Chair in Bioethics , Professor, Manipal University.
    • Extension Lecture on Organ Donation Awareness by Dr Vikas Aggarwal
    • Guest Lecture on “Bioethics and Biomedical research in Today’s World” by Dr Mark A James, Kent State University, Ohio, USA
  17. National and international tie ups
    • MOU with CDSL ventures Ltd for National Academic Depository of Degree certificates
    • MOU with Shodhganga for depository of PhD Dissertations.
    • MOU with Nobel Biocare
    • AIESEC
    • SAP university Alliance
    • CIMA
    • National Law School of India University, Bengaluru
    • Cambridge English
    • Deutsche Akademie fur Digitale Bildung GmbH, Berlin, Germany
    • OISTAT
    • MOU with School of Physiotherapy, School of Nursing, School of Nutrition and Dietics, School of medical Laboratory Technology, Binawan Institute of Health Sciences and Aisyiayah Pontianak College, Indonesia
  18. Start up of NCC, NSS
  19. Revival of Alumni Association
  20. Streamlining of mentor-mentee system at University level
  21. Creation of National Academic Depository by Digitalization of Degree certificates
  22. Conduction of Faculty Development programs, executive development programs and subordinate staff development programs
  23. Start up of collection of Feedback from students
  24. Initiation of Social Sciences Faculty
  25. Start up of Dept of Speech Pathology
  26. MOU with Shodhganga and procurement of Anti-plagiarism software-Urkund
  27. Constitution of IPR cell
  28. Registration of SGT University for National Institutional Ranking Framework(NIRF)
  29. Formulation of multiple IQAC committees and their functioning initiated
  30. Start up of e-learning portal for SGT University

The upcoming activities planned

  1. Manual for teaching and evaluation
  2. Start up of incubation cell
  3. Induction program for newly recruited faculty members regarding teaching methodology
  4. Start up of Academic Staff Colleges
  5. Start up of consultancy services from each faculty